1. Project introduction:

X-Ray is the use of cathode ray tubes to generate high-energy electrons and metal target collision, during the impact, due to the sudden deceleration of electrons, the lost kinetic energy will be released in the form of X-Ray, which has a very short wavelength but high electromagnetic radiation lines. For the position where the sample cannot be visually detected, the contrast effect produced by recording the change of light intensity after X-Ray penetrates different densities can form an image to show the internal structure of the analyte, and then the problematic area inside the analyte can be observed without destroying the analyte.

2. Application advantages:

Non-destructive analysis with higher imaging resolution. Wintech Nano Lab has more equipment and faster delivery times. It is suitable for SMT BGA solder bubble measurement, PCB through-hole measurement, wafer-level package BumpTSV measurement, module internal structure.