1. Project introduction:

It refers to the bonding of the interface of the chip and the interface of the substrate with high-purity gold wire after the adhesive treatment between the chip and the substrate to make it have better bonding performance, the composition is gold (purity is 99.999%), doped with silver, palladium, magnesium, iron, copper, silicon and other elements. Doping with different elements can change the hardness, rigidity, ductility, conductivity and other parameters of the gold wire. Select a fixed-length gold wire, fix the two ends, pull it at a steady speed, and read the length of its extension when it is pulled off and the force applied when it is pulled off.

2. Technical advantages:

(1) The wire chip is anti-corrosion, earthquake-resistant, and has stable performance

The internal circuit of the chip is connected with the circuit board package pin through the gold wire, and then accurately covered with organic materials with special protection functions, and after the completion of the post-packaging, the chip is completely protected by organic materials, isolated from the outside world, and there is no moisture, static electricity, corrosion occurs; At the same time, the organic material is melted by high temperature, covered on the chip and dried by the instrument, and seamlessly connected with the chip, completely eliminating the physical wear of the chip and having higher stability.

(2) Wire chips are suitable for large-scale mass production

The production process of wire chip is safe and stable, the consistency of the product is strong, and the service life is long.