Recent Highlights

Technical core team

Wintech Nano currently has over 500 employees, and its team members come from 8 countries or regions. It is an international expert-level semiconductor chip analysis and testing team with multi-national high-end talents as its core. The strong expert pool supports the company’s development and covers the four major professional fields of materials, processes, products, and systems. The company has experts in sample preparation, imaging analysis, failure analysis, material characterization, reliability, and integrated solutions, involving semiconductor-related fields such as semiconductor process experts, IC circuit experts, chip product experts, automotive electronics experts, optoelectronic product experts, and system analysis experts.

Wintech Nano has a broad industry chain perspective. By combining the international leading analysis technology expert team with the front-line product experts in the semiconductor industry, it has established a matrix-style domestic and international technical team structure, and continuously develops new analysis and testing technologies and characterization methods, keeping the company always at the forefront of the industry in terms of technology. In the process of deepening the analysis and testing of chips, the Wintech Nano Group has established a large database and possesses nearly a hundred original analysis technologies,accumulating comprehensive analysis capabilities throughout the industry chain in fields such as semiconductor chip manufacturing, integrated circuit chip packaging, new materials for automotive electronics, new energy, chemical industry, geology and minerals.

Wintech Nano is increasing its efforts in building new laboratories, gradually establishing physical laboratories in major active regions of the domestic chip industry, using the technical resources of the parent company to cultivate and support the personnel, equipment and technical capabilities of each subsidiary, with the goal of quickly and effectively replicating Wintech Nano’s technological advantages to major active regions of the domestic chip industry.