Introduction to re-ball planting

BGA ball planting is ball grid array packaging technology. The emergence of this technology has become the best choice for high-density, high-performance, multi-pin packaging such as CPUs, motherboard south and north bridge chips. (Source: 360 Encyclopedia)

1. Chip packaging classification: BGA, CSP

The selection of solder balls: 0.2mm-0.76mm is now on the market

Ball planting method: manual ball planting method, fixture ball planting method

2. Use tools

1 Heat gun/soldering iron 2 ESD tweezers 3 Solder suction tape 4 Solder paste 5 Solder balls 6 Dust-free cloth
7 Clean water 8 Soft bristle brush 9 Fixtures/stencils 10 High temperature tape 11 Electrostatic ring

3. Use the fixture ball planting method

• Wear an electrostatic ring to prevent static electricity from damaging the chip. Check the appearance of the chip for damage.

• Fix the chip with a fixture and clean the residual tin on the chip with a solder suction tape.

• Clean the chip with clean water and evenly apply the appropriate amount of solder paste.

• Cover with stencil and pour in solder balls; Use the paddles or shake it up and down and left and right so that all the steel mesh holes are covered with solder balls.

• Remove the steel mesh, preheat the machine and heat it 230 degrees for 5~10 seconds, heat and fix the solder ball.

• Cool down slightly, check the solder balls for false soldering, and apply solder paste for secondary heating.

• After cooling, clean the chip with clean water. Check with a magnifying glass that each solder ball is well welded.

4. Manual swing ball planting method

• Wear an electrostatic ring to prevent static electricity from damaging the chip and check whether the appearance of the chip is damaged

• Secure the chip with high-temperature tape

• Solder absorbent tape to clean tin residue and evenly apply solder paste

• Use ESD tweezers to fill the chip with solder balls in turn

• Heat gun temperature 340 degrees / wind speed 0 gear / time 5~10 seconds