R&D Services

WinTech Nano has an global expert semiconductor chip analysis and testing team. The company undertakes customer needs, digests and understands the background of the case, and customizes a highly targeted analysis and testing plan. The company has high-end electrical/comprehensive analysis laboratory, physical analysis laboratory, surface and chemical analysis laboratory, reliability analysis laboratory, equipped with advanced analysis and testing equipment. The technical R&D team develops new sample preparation and testing technologies, undertakes complex comprehensive industrial cases, R&D and optimization of formulation processes, R&D outsourcing services and equipment-assisted R&D cooperation.

1. Exclusive sample preparation and analysis technology

Sembcorp Nano continues to expand its analytical applications through forward-looking research and has creatively formed the world’s leading and exclusive sample preparation and analysis technology:

• Heavy water tracer to study water vapor permeation path and dynamics;

• Nanofluorescent probe technology to study microcrack paths;

• Ultrafine silicon through-well sample preparation, etc.;

• OLED nano-thin layer sample preparation, etc.;

• Sample preparation and analysis of 3D flash memory deep groove nanostructures, etc.;

2. High-end laboratory analysis capabilities

EFA and GFA Lab

Failure Localization Analysis Package/Chip Fault Isolation

• PCB Failure Analysis, EMMI, OBIRCH, Thermal, Nano-Probe

Electrical Testing

• Mechanical Testing

• ESD/EOS Testing lab

2D/3DX-ray analysis NDT 2D/3D X-ray CT

Physical FA Lab

Site Specific Structure Analysis


• Ion beam cutting Dual Beam FIB

• Circuit Modification

• Grain structure on EBSD

Defect elemental analysis

Surface and Chemical Science Lab

Surface analysis (TOF-SIMS, XPS, FTIR, AFM and D-SIMS)

• Implant/Diffusion characterize ion and diffusion analysis

• Chemical State analysis

• Molecular Analysis of Materials

Chemical Analysis

Reliability Analysis Laboratory

• Environmental test items

• Precondition 、TC、TST、HAST、THT、HTS

• Life test items

• HTOL/Burn-In high temperature operation life test

LTOL/Burn-In low-temperature operation life cycle test

Since its establishment, WINTECH NANO has served nearly 2,000 customers around the world, more than 100 original high-end analytical technologies, and formed more than 6 million databases.

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