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R&D collaboration

As an independent third-party analysis lab and R&D partner, Wintech Nano has high-end laboratory analysis and R&D capabilities and has been collaboration with world-leading companies, actively participating in a number of semiconductor advanced process R&D projects. The R&D team understand customer requirements and background of the project case, provides the extensive analysis report directly to the customer with solutions. With effectively assists in designing equipment or products, resulting in a number of classic cases of globalized industrial chain division of labor and cooperation in semiconductor industry development, fully verifying the feasibility of Labless new generation business potential.

Through nearly 20 years of analysis and testing, Wintech Nano has built up a large database of over 6 million and has more than 100 original analysis technologies in the world, accumulating comprehensive analysis capabilities in the whole industry chain in the fields of semiconductor wafer manufacturing, integrated circuit chip packaging, new materials for automotive electronics, new energy, chemical and chemical industry, geology and minerals. In the future, Wintech Nano will continue to strengthen the in-depth cooperation with the semiconductor industry chain, effectively protect the interests of customers and ensure information security and look forward to working with more partners to help the benign development of the industry.

Wintech Nano collaborates with world-renowned companies

Jointly published papers (Publications)


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