1. Project definition.

The PFIB uses Xe xenon as the ion source with an Xe source current of 2500 nA for higher rates in ionic material removal. The dual-beam PFIB is equipped with SEM real-time imaging for large slices up to 1000 µm, and chip local de-lamination is available with Nano Probe.

2. Application advantages.

Because its ion current is 38 times higher than Ga, it is suitable for SEM positioning large size cutting, chip hot spot location can be fixed point delamination, large size samples can be observed while cutting, easy to analyze and test, with Nano Probe, CAFM, EBSD preparation, it can solve the needs of customers 3D anti-collision TSV fixed point cross-section analysis, MEMS structure invisible cross-section analysis, optical chip optical path cross-section analysis, failure orphaned product delamination analysis.