Nano Probe

1. Project definition.

NanoSaving is the latest analytical method in the field of semiconductor parameter analysis. By using and controlling nanoscale probes in SEM devices, the electrical parameters of individual transistors are extracted. Integrated EBA/EBIC/EBIRCH and other multifunctional failure analysis capabilities

Suitable for new product development and failure analysis for yield improvement, quality and reliability issues, customer complaints.

Sembcorp Nanolab’s Nano Probe probe is the first third-party device in China to deliver SEM voltages as low as 100V, reducing transistor damage compared to Hitachi’s 500V.

2. Application fields:

8-pin configuration (measuring IV CV curve measurement)
SRAM Bit Cell
BEOL Metal/Poly (Metal/Polysilicon Resistance Measurement)
EBAC/VC/EBIRCH (Chip Line Open/Short Circuit Positioning)
EBIC (Transistor PN Section Imaging/Leakage Positioning)
High/Low Temp (High and low temperature environmental testing)

3. Application advantages:

200V electron beam, 8 probes of different sizes, IV&CV curve, minimum current 10pA, configuration EBAC/EBIC/EBIRCH. The low voltage can reduce the damage of SEM electron beam to the transistor, and the needle metal wire/Contact/Poly can meet the needs of customers to achieve 7nm single transistor measurement, metal wire open circuit, chip capacitor leakage positioning, transistor section needle, capacitor section electrode needle and so on.

4. Application cases: