Recent Highlights

Large-scale semiconductor analysis lab

Wintech Nanotechnology was in 2004 in Singapore. We are now one of the world’s top third-party commercial failure analysis, testing, and research centers, a leading service provider in the semiconductor industry. Wintech Nanotechnology’s HQ will become Asia’s large-scale and semiconductor analysis and testing platform.

Wintech Nanotechnology’s headquarters building is located in the Suzhou Industrial Park. It covers an area of 30 acres, with a total construction area of approximately 70,000 square meters, including nearly 35,000 square meters of laboratory space, consisting of integrated office and research and development buildings. The company has equipped itself with a full set of high-end analysis instruments and expert analysts, establishing an open professional analysis platform that provides a one-stop semiconductor industry chain material analysis, failure analysis, and reliability analysis service 24/7, professionally and efficiently.

Currently, Wintech Nanotechnology serves nearly 2,000 high-tech/scientific research/university clients worldwide and has analyzed nearly 200,000 samples. It is a leading enterprise in semiconductor analysis and testing subdivision, also known as the “comprehensive hospital” of semiconductor chips. The team has now established a large-scale database and possesses nearly a hundred original analysis technologies. The group has an international level of analysis and detection expert team, which is a technology R&D team centered on high-end talents. The expert/professional team not only has a high level of education but also has work experience and practical experience in the semiconductor chip manufacturing field.

Wintech Nano is increasing its efforts in building new laboratories and gradually establishing laboratories in major regions, using the technical resources of the headquarters to cultivate and support the personnel and equipment technical capabilities of each subsidiary. The goal is to quickly and effectively replicate Wintech Nanotechnology’s technical advantages to the customer.

In addition, Wintech Nanotechnology has incorporated wafer fab management systems into commercial laboratory operations, established the world’s first independent laboratory and analysis testing platform that independently develops industrial big data analysis and decision-making systems. Through high standards of information security and business management, it seamlessly links every step of chip analysis, greatly improving employee analysis capabilities and work efficiency, comprehensive analysis and detection efficiency, and data and report security and reliability. This reduces laboratory operating costs and mines insight points for operational decision-making.