“Chip Hospital”- WINTECH NANO

WINTECH NANO is a third-party commercial laboratory with international leading level in semiconductor chip analysis and testing, and an early test center in China that has mastered the advanced process failure analysis line. The company’s business focuses on the electronics and semiconductor fields, providing one-stop material analysis (MA), failure analysis (FA), reliability analysis (RA), destructive physical analysis (DPA), automotive-grade chip testing and R&D-assisted TD services, and is known as the “chip general hospital” in the semiconductor industry chain.

WINTECH NANO was founded in Singapore in 2004 and came to Suzhou in 2012 in the footsteps of Sino-Singapore cooperation. Currently, we have labs in Suzhou, Nanjing, Fujian, Singapore and Malaysia with a team of over 500 people. Wintech Nano has CMA/CNAS laboratory certification and has been awarded as High-tech Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Specialized and New SME, Jiangsu Province Service-based Manufacturing Demonstration Platform, Jiangsu Province Strategic Emerging Industry and Service Industry Standardization Pilot Enterprise, Jiangsu Province R&D Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Semiconductor Chip Analysis and Testing Engineering Technology Research Center, Jiangsu Province SME Public Service Platform, Suzhou City Productive Service Industry

Breakthrough Innovation


Li Xiao Min

Founder of Wintech Nano, he is currently the Chairman and General Manager of Wintech-Nano (Suzhou) Co., Ltd..

Xiaomin Li graduated from Peking University in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in microelectronics and from the National University of Singapore in 2001 with a master’s degree in microelectronics. Xiaomin Li is a leading scientist of Suzhou Industrial Park, a high-level innovation and entrepreneurial talent of Nanjing Purple Mountain Pioneer Program, and a high-level innovation and entrepreneurial talent of Nanjing Yuhuatai District.

In 2001, Xiaomin Li worked in Singapore Research Institute (A-Star); in 2004, he founded Wintech Nano -Technology Services Pte Ltd; in 2012, he returned to China and founded Wintech-Nano (Suzhou) Co., Ltd in Suzhou China-Singapore Industrial Park, which has become a large-scale semiconductor chip analysis and testing service platform and auxiliary R&D center in China.

At the end of 2020, Mr. Lee proposed a new concept of the fourth operation model of the semiconductor industry: Labless (Labless operation), which strips the “necessary non-core” R&D link from the industry chain and becomes a new independent industry track. Times Financial Intelligence’s May issue cover, which was appreciated and highly recognized by the industry. Singaporean veteran journalist Cheng Ming Suan’s latest book, “The Head Family’s Dream of Youth”, includes Lee Hiromin’s story as a famous entrepreneur who has influenced the industry landscape for half a century.

Our Advantages

WINTECH NANO has many years of experience in the commercial operation of high-end semiconductor laboratories

WINTECH NANO serves nearly 2,000 high-tech enterprise customers worldwide, covering the entire industry chain of raw materials, equipment, chip design, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing, discrete devices, end products, etc. Wintech Nano is also an important partner of Xilinx in the Asia-Pacific region.

With a superb team of experts and engineers

WINTECH NANO has a team of international experts in semiconductor chip analysis and testing who have served many well-known companies in the semiconductor field and have profound experience in failure analysis and reliability analysis and testing services.

The company has built an open professional analysis platform

WINTECH NANO currently has a group of world-class analytical test instruments, such as CT/C-SAM, NanoProbe, Thermal/EMMI/OBIRCH, HR-TEM, FIB, PFIB, SEM, Decap, Delayer, HTOL/HAST/TC/TS/THB, ESD, D-SIMS. TOF-SIMS, XPS/ESCA, AFM, etc., providing 24/7 service. The company is also accelerating its investment and continues to invest tens of millions of dollars per year in large scale instruments to provide services.

The company has superb technical barriers

The expert team and engineering analysts at WINTECH NANO have years of industry experience both domestically and internationally, with extensive expertise in process flow and analysis test design. The company has accumulated over 80 publications in top international conferences and journals, obtained more than 20 granted patents (with over 30 patents pending), registered 6 software copyrights, and possesses nearly a hundred independently developed technologies in material analysis, failure analysis, and reliability analysis.

The company has self-developed and original laboratory production management system

WINTECH NANO focuses on user experience and establishes management systems based on big data and integrated circuits. In recent years, it has independently developed a laboratory production management system to empower and manage the key indicators of each department of the company to achieve the greatest optimization and realization of the company’s three (automation, IT and informatization), so as to improve the company’s performance and customer service quality.

Red line of WINTECH NANO development: adhere to the principle of neutrality, do not touch the equipment at the top, do not touch the products at the bottom

Focus on testing and analysis technology without any intellectual property disputes with customers and suppliers. WINTECH NANO is committed to cooperating with customers and suppliers, protecting the intellectual property rights of customers and suppliers, and improving the testing and analysis technology of the industry in a win-win way. In the future, the Labless business model (labless operation) will have a broader space and opportunity to play in the industry.