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1. Project introduction:


Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) is a very sensitive surface analysis technology, by exciting the sample surface with primary ions, punching out extremely small amounts of secondary ions, according to the time of secondary ions flying to the detector due to different masses to determine ion mass, with extremely high resolution measurement technology. It can be widely used in physics, chemistry, microelectronics, biology, pharmaceutical, spatial analysis and other industrial and research aspects. TOF-SIMS can provide surface, film, interface and even three-dimensional sample elements, molecules and other structural information, its characteristics in the secondary ion from the surface of a single atomic layer molecular layer (within 1nm), only bring out the surface chemical information, with the analysis area small, analysis depth and no damage to the sample characteristics, widely used in physics, chemistry, microelectronics, biology, pharmaceutical, spatial analysis and other industrial and research aspects. Sembcorp Nano mainly provides time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry depth analysis, surface (positive or negative ion) analysis. Glass samples are mainly panel samples.


2. Application advantages:


Boron-phosphorus arsenic 1E5 at/cm3, hydrocarbon oxygen 1E16 at/cm3, Si standard, electronic neutralization gun solution charing, can meet the needs of mixed content analysis and process impurity analysis.

(1) When there are tiny foreign bodies on the surface of the product, and the conventional composition testing method cannot accurately analyze the foreign matter qualitatively and quantitatively, TOF-SIMS can be selected for analysis, and TOF-SIMS can analyze foreign matter components ≥ 10μm diameter.

(2) When the surface layer of the product is too thin to use conventional tests for composition analysis, TOF-SIMS can be selected for analysis, and the composition of the film layer can be qualitatively analyzed by TOF-SIMS.

(3) When a foreign body appears on the surface of the product, but the type of foreign matter cannot be determined, TOF-SIMS composition analysis can be used to analyze not only the elements contained in the foreign matter, but also the molecular formula of the foreign matter, including the molecular formula of organic matter.

(4) When there are problems such as delamination between the film layer and the substrate section, but no obvious foreign body traces are observed, TOF-SIMS can be used to analyze the surface trace material composition to determine whether there is foreign contamination in the cross-section, and the detection limit is as high as ppm level.


3. Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) considerations


(1) The maximum size of the sample is 1×1×0.5cm, when the sample size is too large, it is necessary to cut and sample.

(2) Avoid contact with the position to be tested by hand and sampling tool when sampling, and use vacuum packaging or other packaging that can isolate the external environment after removing the sample to avoid external pollution affecting the analysis results.

(3) The sample of TOF-SIMS test is not limited by conductivity, and the sample of insulation can also be tested.

(4) TOF-SIMS elemental analysis range H-U, containing the elements and molecular states of organic and inorganic materials, detection limit ppm level.


4. Application cases:




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