1. Project introduction:

High temperature operating life test (HTOL), where the chip is under high temperature conditions, adds a dynamic signal, and works for a long time to evaluate its service life and determine its reliability.

Objective: To evaluate the lifetime of the device under overtemperature and overvoltage conditions

Test conditions: 125°C, 1.1VCC, dynamic test 1000H

Failure mechanism: electron migration, oxide layer rupture, mutual diffusion, instability, ion contamination, etc

Reason for failure:

(1) Because of intermetallic compounds, open circuit or intermittent open circuit

(2) The chip or the passivation layer on the surface of the chip cracks, resulting in a short circuit

(3) The resistance of the PN junction increases, resulting in current drift

Improvement measures:

(1) Improved to high-temperature anti-diffusion material

(2) Reduce CTE differences between EMC and chips

Reference Standards:

1000 hours test passed under 125°C condition, IC can ensure continuous use for 4 years; 2000 hours of test for 8 years; 150°C 1000 hours test through the guarantee of use for 8 years, 2000 hours guarantee for 28 years.

Specific test conditions and estimation results can refer to the following standard: JESD22-A108

2. Technical advantages:

Professional testing team, using advanced testing equipment, stable operation, large quantity, fast delivery.