I. Project Description.

The FIB enables extremely high resolution imaging primarily through the innovative elstar electron gun combined with high current UC + technology Highest resolution materials contrasted with the superior Phoenix ion gun for the fastest, easiest and most accurate high quality sample preparation and 3D characterization even on the most challenging samples. Sembcorp Nano has put into service the nation’s first commercially available Helios 5 UX FIB. The Helios G5 UX is part of the industry-leading fourth generation Helios DualBeam? with the following key features.

Fastest, easiest HR-TEM and APT sample preparation

Very high resolution imaging with the most accurate contrast

Access to highest resolution, multiscale and multimodal subsurface and 3D information

Fast, accurate, precise etching and deposition of complex structures with critical dimensions less than 10 nm

Ⅱ. the technical parameters of the equipment

E-Beam Electron Beam Resolution

0.6nm at 2kV

0.7nm at 1kV

1.0nm at 0.5kV

Acceleration voltage 350V-30keV

Landing voltage range 20eV-30keV

 Electron beam current range 0.8Pa-100nA

I-Beam ion beam resolution

4.0nm at 30kV

2.5nm at 30kV

Voltage 500V-30KV

Beam current 0.1pA-65nA

III. Application areas

Advanced process 7nm TEM slice preparation: FinFET process analysis capability, planar TEM + cross-sectional TEM analysis capability for the latest processes.

Fixed-point cross-sectional 3D slice analysis: nano-level positioning analysis capability, 3-dimensional reconstruction.

Integrated circuit (IC) line modification: high order process chip line modification, test pads.

Complex nanoscale patterning: ion beam direct etching, electron beam direct deposition.