1. Project introduction:

EDX is the determination of the elements contained in the sample by analyzing the X-ray wavelength and intensity of the elements emitted by the sample, and the relative content of the elements according to the intensity. Talos Dual-X SDD: 2 EDX probes for fast imaging and high resolution.

The Dual-X’s EDX collection is more efficient

EDS system



Full solid angle 

0.9 srad

2.56 srad

Effective solid angle* 

0.9 srad 

1.65 srad


4 SDD, built-in design 2 large SDD, retractable design

2. Application advantages:

Examples of large-area, high-resolution HAADF STEM and EDS drawings using the “Dual-X” detector.

Sample: Gold-nickel nanoparticles, collection time< 1min.