I. Project introduction

1. Complex product that requires special decap opening

Project definition: mainly refers to devices or automotive electronics module that is covered by silicone or plastic molding compound.

Technical principle: Using mechanical, laser, chemical, grinding and other collection of ways to expose the device.

Application advantages: Applicable to automotive electronic module/module, automotive controller, automotive sensor, power device, etc., which is convenient for failure analysis, material composition analysis and process analysis welding node.

2. Decap Remove Ball

Project definition: manual operation by means of using hot plate or soldering iron heating to remove tin balls.

Technical principle: removal of component from PCBA board by hot air gun blowing the whole area of BGA or using a soldering iron to melt the solder holding onto the component.

Application advantages: the removed chip can be used for FA analysis, and can also be replanted with balls for crossover experiments.

3. Open and clean the pin Decap Cleaning Pin

Project definition: RA reliability testing caused pin contamination, that cannot be ATE tested, need to be chemically cleaned.

Technical Principle: Chemical solution method or wiping method is used to clean the contaminated pins caused by the sample processing overtime.

Application advantages: Convenient for ATE testing.

4. Decap Ceramics/TO cc Ceramic/TO

Project definition: mechanical pry to open the metal cover covering the sample, no chemical, ion or any other treatment needed.

Application advantages: sample glass separated from the interface clean and no heating needed; this can maintain the original state of the sample for contaminant analysis, delamination analysis, or to maintain the sample which may contain water vapor state thas can be used for subsequent failure analysis or to perform fluorescent penetration gap analysis.

5. Die extraction

Project Definition: Open the package by chemical etching or other ways, take out the chip and put it in the sample box.

Application advantages: samples with AI Pad can be retained using special treatment; chip can be removed to do front/back side FA. unlimited front and flip package chip, can remove Si silicon covering III-V optoelectronic chip.

6. Decap Plastic Au Wire

Project Definition: Plastic encapsulation chemically opened and sealed.

Application advantages: retain the electrical connectivity of the gold wire, subsequent can do EFA; all open seal, can retain the first and second solder joints of the gold wire.

7. Kaifeng plastic sealing copper wire/silver wire/aluminum wire/Decap Plastic Others

Project definition: Chemical opening of plastic encapsulation. Because of the use of copper wire/silver wire/aluminum wire/three or five groups, laser opening steps are required. Note that copper wire and silver wire may be corroded.

Application advantages: retain the electrical connectivity of the gold wire, and EFA can be done later; All opened, can retain the first and second solder joints of the gold wire.

8. Open and take the special package Decap Die Special

Project definition: special packaging, multiple corrosion with chemical agents or increased laser opening, etc.; Sample AI Pad special handling can be retained, and the chip can be taken out for front/back FA;

Application advantages: formal assembly, flip packaging, mold assembly chips can be taken out; The pads of the chip can be retained, and they are happy to take out Si silicon III-V optoelectronic chips.

9. Unseal board-level Decap PCBA

Project definition: For the opening operation of PCB board, it is necessary to go through laser fixed point, acid rot, protection peripheral and other operations, and can be partially opened and other positions reserved;

Application advantages: single-sided/double-sided PCBA opening can be achieved.

10. Decap laser processing Decap laser

Project definition: red laser slotting thinning package, energy controllable, groove depth controllable, fixed-point groove for subsequent chemical opening, and Xray background image superimposed.

Application advantages: It can reduce the subsequent exposure time of copper/silver wire to chemical opening, retain the electrical connection of copper wire, EFA can be done later, and the first and second solder joints of copper wire can be retained.

Ⅱ. Service advantages

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