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Draw nourishment, break out of the cocoon and turn into a butterfly

This is the life of a butterfly. Too many "firsts" have made our story and predestined that hurricane. However, our story has just begun, we are trying to wave our wings, using the butterfly effect to create a hurricane on the other side of the ocean, and continue to fight and fly in the hurricane, and nurture a new generation of hope ......



  • 2023

    WinTech Nano Shenzhen and Qingdao laboratory completed, further expanding the company's business layout.

  • 2004

    WinTech Nano Singapore established.

  • 2012

    WinTech Nano Suzhou established.

  • 2016

    WinTech Nano Suzhou laboratory was officially launched. Providing high-end one-stop testing and analysis services to customers based on the team's advanced and cutting-edge analysis technologies.

  • 2017

    WinTech Nano Group founded, further expanding international business footprint.

  • 2019

    WinTech Nano Malaysia was established, broadening the company's business channels in Southeast Asia.

  • 2020

    CPU-level RA testing platform was established.

  • 2021

    WinTech Nano Nanjing and Fujian laboratory completed, achieving better local service support.

  • 2022

    the construction of the Suzhou headquarters building initiated.


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