Chemical analysis

Refers to the provision of qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis. Qualitative analysis includes the identification, characterization, and chemical structure analysis of compounds.
Quantitative analysis includes the use of different analytical techniques, from the percentage content level to the PPT level.
Analysis based on the chemical reaction of a substance is called chemical analysis. Chemical analysis has a long history and is the foundation of analytical chemistry, also known as classical analysis. Chemical analysis is absolutely quantitative, according to the amount of sample, the amount of reaction products or the amount of reagents consumed and the stoichiometric relationship of the reaction, the amount of components to be measured is calculated.

Analytical Capability Detection Limit Analysis Targets Analytical Capability Detection Limit Analysis Targets
AA ppb Elements GC-MS  ppb Non-polar
Auto-titrator 0.01%  Acids/bases LC-MS  ppb – ppt Polar, oganic
KF  0.1% Water  NMR  ppm Organic
FTIR  0.1wt% Organic XRF  0.01wt%  Elements
UV-Vis ppm  Chromophores XRD 1at% Crystalline
GC ppm – ppb  VOC/Nonpolar ESR nM  Free radicals
HPLC  ppm – ppb  Organic/polar  ICP-OES/MS  ppm – ppb Elements
IC ppm Ions DSC +/- 0.01 oC Organic
GPC % Polymers  TGA mass accuracy:± 0.01% Organic