1. Project introduction:

Auger electron spectrometer uses a charge electron beam to excite Auger electrons generated by atoms on the sample surface to identify and quantify the elements on the sample surface. At the same time, the instrument has high sensitivity and excellent spatial resolution for the detection of elements with small atomic numbers, and is often used for micro-analysis of sample surfaces. With the help of ion beam ablation, Auger electron spectrometer can also achieve quantitative depth analysis, and is widely used in the analysis of various layers and interfaces of thin films.

2. Application advantages:

(1) The matrix effect is small and easy to quantify;

(2) High imaging resolution, ~10nm

3. Limitations:

(1) Limited chemical state information

(2) It is difficult to analyze insulators

(3) H and He cannot be detected

(4) The sample must meet the ultra-high vacuum conditions