Wintech-Nano Technology Makes Debut at SEMICON CHINA 2023

From June 29th to July 1st, 2023, SEMICON CHINA 2023 exhibition was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. With the theme “Connecting Borders, Linking Cores,” this edition of the exhibition attracted renowned companies and experts from the global semiconductor industry. Discussions were held on the global industry landscape, cutting-edge technologies, and market trends, sharing the wisdom and vision of global industry leaders. As a benchmark company in the semiconductor chip analysis and detection segment, Wintech-Nano Technology made its debut at the E2 Singapore Zone, showcasing its latest detection and analysis technologies and solutions to global high-tech enterprises.

During the exhibition, the booth of Wintech-Nano Technology experienced a continuous surge in popularity, attracting a steady stream of customers to participate in the Wintech-Nano Semiconductor Analysis and Testing Seminar. The seminar was presented by Mr. Fu Chao, Vice General Manager of Wintech-Nano, Dr. Hua Younan, Vice President of Singapore, and Dr. Lois, an FA expert. They delivered keynote speeches on topics such as “Introduction to the Latest Semiconductor Failure Analysis Technologies,” “Applications of Advanced Failure Analysis Technologies in Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Design, Wafer Manufacturing, and Advanced Packaging,” “Bonding Quality and Reliability Analysis, Research Methods for Package Device Moisture Intrusion,” and “AECQ Automotive Reliability Certification Services.”

During the event, the keynote speakers shared with the participants the achievements and practical application cases of Wintech-Nano’s independently developed semiconductor chip analysis technologies from different perspectives. They showcased Wintech-Nano’s innovative thinking, bold practices, and remarkable achievements in chip failure analysis, material analysis, reliability analysis, and auxiliary research and development. This fully demonstrated the company’s business concept of “Labless” in accelerating global customer research and development, gaining high attention and recognition from the attendees.

As a “chip general hospital” in the semiconductor industry chain, Wintech-Nano provides professional and accurate testing and analysis services to help customers in various segments such as integrated circuits, discrete devices, optoelectronic devices, sensors, and display panels identify defects in product design or processes, improve product yield and performance, and become a key technical support platform for semiconductor research, manufacturing, and quality control.

During this exhibition, Wintech-Nano introduced its AECQ automotive reliability certification services. It is reported that AECQ certification is a commonly used automotive electronic component testing standard and is one of the necessary certifications for entering the automotive electronic field and the automotive electronic component supply chain. Therefore, automotive chip testing has more stringent testing requirements. Wintech-Nano, as an independent third-party laboratory with nearly 20 years of analysis experience, launched its AECQ automotive reliability certification services in 2022. These services include accelerated environmental stress testing, accelerated life cycle simulation testing, package assembly integrity testing, electrical validation testing, and cavity package integrity testing. In addition, Wintech-Nano has also introduced online on-site services, allowing customers to participate in the on-site analysis process through online observation. Customers can directly communicate and interact with the expert team, obtain real-time information on the testing and analysis process and results, and improve analysis efficiency and convenience.

In the future, Wintech-Nano will continue to uphold the service concept of professionalism, accuracy, and efficiency. It will continuously iterate advanced process analysis technologies, invest in forward-looking research, expand analysis application scenarios, and provide customers with more comprehensive, professional, and reliable testing and analysis services. Wintech-Nano aims to help customers improve product quality and competitiveness, and drive innovation and development in the semiconductor industry.