“Semiconductor Advanced Packaging Analysis and Application Seminar” was held successfully

On the afternoon of May 16, 2023, Wintech Nano and ZEISS jointly held the first “Semiconductor Advanced Packaging Analysis and Application Seminar” in Suzhou. This seminar aims to discuss and share the latest analytical technologies and applications in the field of semiconductor advanced packaging. More than 100 people, including industry experts and enterprise representatives, signed up to participate in the seminar. Mr. Li Xiaomin, Chairman of Wintech Nano, and Mr. Liu Liya, head of Zeiss Microscope Industrial Division, delivered welcoming remarks respectively, expressing their recognition of the importance and significance of the seminar and their expectations for future cooperation.

For a long time, Moore’s Law has been leading the development and progress of integrated circuit process technology. However, in recent years, the development of advanced manufacturing process has met the bottleneck. Therefore, promoting the continuous progress of advanced packaging technology becomes the key to the development of the industry. In this process, analytical testing of advanced packaging plays an extremely important role in verifying the function and performance of the chip product and ensuring the normal application of the delivered product. Through innovative advanced packaging analysis and testing technology and application, it can greatly improve the yield and reliability of finished chip manufacturing, assist research and development work, reduce chip cost, and find a new breakthrough for the continuation of Moore’s law.

At the seminar, Mr Fu Chao, deputy general manager of Wintech Nano, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Explanation of the Latest Failure Analysis Technology for Advanced Packaging”. He highlighted the strategic achievements Sembcorp has made in building a professional and efficient one-stop testing and analysis platform in recent years, Through NDT nondestructive classic cases, Sembcorp Nanolab will share the practical experience and experience accumulated in 2.5D and 3D integrated circuit package chip analysis, LGA wired integrated circuit package chip analysis, lithium failure analysis, chip welding coverage and other data analysis. Participants actively asked questions and discussed the challenges and possible solutions of semiconductor packaging and testing technology.

With the rapid development of new technologies and new processes in the semiconductor industry, semiconductor devices are becoming smaller in size, more complex in structure and more powerful in function, which puts forward higher requirements for failure analysis and detection technology. In view of the traditional failure analysis can not meet the current demand of nondestructive testing, Zeiss applications Manager Lu Bao delivered a keynote speech “Failure analysis and Multiscale Microcharacterization of semiconductor packaging”. He points out that the microscopic flaws in many chips are often hidden within complex structures. Zeiss provides a complete set of nondestructive analysis and testing solutions through three-dimensional X-ray microscopy (XRM), enabling more developers to gain insight into the internal structure of a sample, accurately locate defects, analyze defect patterns, improve product quality, and develop better semiconductor devices without destroying the sample.

In the subsequent on-board demonstration, Wintech Nano and Zeiss technicians conducted a comprehensive 3D microstructure analysis of the sample on site, used a variety of modes to decrypt the structure and properties, and traced the source of failure, which triggered active discussion and communication among participants. At the event site, people actively asked questions and technical experts from both sides answered questions. The atmosphere was warm and active.

The semiconductor industry has been in a state of rapid development and change. In this event, Wintech Nano and Zeiss cooperate to build a professional and open platform, bring more comprehensive and in-depth insights to the industry, effectively help more people in the industry to understand the latest trends and development direction of semiconductor advanced packaging analysis technology, and form a closer industry-university-research cooperation network. In the future, Wintech Nano and Zeiss will continue to deepen their cooperation and commit to providing more advanced and efficient analytical solutions to help the semiconductor industry meet technological challenges, drive the improvement of quality and reliability in chip manufacturing, and make greater contribution to driving innovation and progress in the industry.