Wintech Nano Semiconductor Testing Project Starts Construction

On May 18th, the Wintech Nano Semiconductor Testing Project held a groundbreaking ceremony in the Qingdao Free Trade Zone·Sino-German Ecopark, bringing new momentum to the integrated circuit industry chain in Qingdao Park.

Li Xiaomin, Chairman of Wintech Nano (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Zhao Shiyu, Deputy Secretary and Director of the Qingdao Free Trade Zone Working Committee, Director and Director of the Sino-German Ecopark Working Committee, and Zhang Yunqing, Deputy Director of the Sino-German Ecopark, attended the event and jointly struck the groundbreaking hammer.

Li Xiaomin stated that the semiconductor testing project is the first analysis and testing laboratory constructed by Wintech Nano in the northern region of the Yangtze River. After the project is completed, it will better serve the development of the semiconductor integrated circuit industry in the northern region of the Yangtze River.

Zhao Shiyu stated that the Wintech Nano Semiconductor Testing Project, from planning to construction, embodies the practical and efficient work style of the company. The project will provide important support for the development and construction of the Qingdao Integrated Circuit Industry Park, and the park will continue to optimize the business environment and provide comprehensive services for enterprise development.


Wintech Nano is widely recognized as an independent third-party laboratory with internationally leading capabilities in the field. Currently, it has four world-class semiconductor analysis, diagnosis, and auxiliary research and development platforms in the Singapore Science Park, Suzhou Industrial Park, Nanjing Software Valley, and Quanzhou, Fujian, serving nearly 2,000 high-tech enterprise customers worldwide. The Wintech Nano Semiconductor Testing Project in the Sino-German Ecopark, located in Qingdao, is invested by Wintech Nano (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. The first phase of the project will build a domestic leading semiconductor analysis and testing laboratory and a northern headquarters. It will provide services such as material analysis, chip failure analysis, and reliability testing for integrated circuit companies. It is expected to be officially operational by the end of this year.