Congratulations on the successful signing ceremony of Wintech’s semiconductor analysis and testing platform

On the morning of October 27th, 2021, the 12th China International Nanotechnology Industry Expo (“Nano Expo”, ChiNANO) was officially opened in Suzhou International Expo Center.

At the opening ceremony of the conference, Wintech Nano (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, together with Thermo Fisher China, Hitachi Scientific Instruments, Espec Environmental Instruments (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. will jointly establish the “Suzhou Wintech Semiconductor Analysis and Testing Platform”, and formally sign the contract in the presence of leaders and guests at the Nano Expo, injecting more innovative vitality and providing better quality analysis and testing services for the leapfrog development of Suzhou Industrial Park’s nanotechnology industry.

(Center), Mr. Xiaomin Li, Chairman of Wintech Nano (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, Mr. Xiaobin Zhou, Commercial Vice President, Analytical Instruments Group, Thermo Fisher China (second from left), Mr. Longguan Liu, President of China, Espec Environmental Instruments (Shanghai) Co. Mr. Bin Wang (first from right) Through the strong alliance with Thermo Fisher, Hitachi, Espec and Zeiss, the “Wintech Semiconductor Analysis and Testing Platform” will gather a large number of world-class full set of analysis instruments and equipment, break the hardware barrier, realize the gathering of high level talents, accelerate technology iteration, provide one-stop reliability analysis, material analysis, failure analysis and other high-end testing and auxiliary R&D services for the whole semiconductor industry chain, panels and other precision industries.

It will help small and medium-sized enterprises and technology start-ups to reduce costs, improve efficiency, focus on mainstream R&D and production, and better enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

At present, semiconductor companies have long been troubled by the hardware of analysis services, high investment, talent shortage, lack of resources and other problems have seriously hindered the healthy development of the semiconductor industry. In order to solve these pain points, Wintech Nano’s president Xiaomin Li creatively proposed “LABLESS”, which is a lab-free model, and received strong support from many instrumentation vendors, and “Wintech Semiconductor Analysis and Testing Platform” was born. At the same time, Wintech Nano has also taken a firm step in the strategic development of the company!